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The shop  Bouquet of Balloons in N. Moudania, Halkidiki  started in 2006 and continues its successful course to this day.

The Lady  activity of Bouquet Balloons  N. Moudania is the decoration of events with balloons and  the retail and wholesale of fireworks. In our store you will also find items to decorate your party,  as well as a wide variety of  plush toys and various types of gift printing  to offer to your loved ones.

We have  and we use  balloons  of the largest manufacturers  such as Sempertex, Qualatex, Gemar, Anagram, Amscan, Grabo etc.

We choose  and  we have top quality  fireworks, set  cover  each  event form  your  (inauguration - engagement - wedding - party) with security and  the spectacle that befits her.  We operate  with  all the necessary fireworks marketing licenses from the competent authorities and we use  only certified and approved products.

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